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Hi and welcome to my Site on Collecting Matchcovers, Matchbooks and Matchboxes/Matchbox Labels and most other Match related items like the Redheads Products.

My name is Neil from Canberra in the ACT and a Match Collector for over 50 years now......I'm always looking for more matchbooks and matchboxes to add to my collection of 1,000,000 plus.......
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If you have a match collection and you would like to give them away to a match collector like me please email me or SMS me....Thanks
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Ring my mobile or send me a (SMS) to
0421 325 611 and please leave a message so I can ring you back ASAP so I know it's not a Scammer....Thanks 
I like to collect mainly unused matchbooks, matchboxes, old matchbox labels but happy with any that are used as well....I also like to collect most other match related items like....old match ads from old newspapers or books, playing cards that have matchboxes/matches on them plus I also like to collect any Redheads items or match products from Match Companies like Bryant & May, Swedish Match Company and from the USA.

Here is my (Neil's) Match Room

Some Info on collecting matchboxes just click here at

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Some of my Redheads Matches on display here  -
Would you like to see the Redheads Match Products 
Our Local Match Clubs

Australian Match Cover Collector's Society
The AMCCS Club (Melbourne in Australia) 
Welcome to the home of organised Phillumeny in Australia and Information on collecting, joining the AMCCS Club are here... and if you like to buy the book called "Lighting Up Australia" by Jerry Bell, has the story of all the Australian Match Factories from 1843-2003, and what they produced....All the info is here also.

Sydney Phillumenist Club

 Now Closed


AMCCS (SA Branch)

Mr David Figg


 After some Match Products or Other  Paper Products that Promote.......

 You can check it out here at.........

 Admatch Regal  


Founded in 1969 by Arthur Nackman, Admatch Regal, a family owned and operated company,

brands, prints, and helps design images on products ranging from custom printed Matchbooks,

Matchboxes, Bar Coasters, Cocktail & Dinner Napkins, Hand Towels, Toothpick Packs, Cups,

and much more. Admatch Regal has distribution nationwide with customers in all 50 U.S. States as well as much of Canada, and parts of Europe. We are a veteran of the printing and branding industry and always strive to put forth the best and most effective promotional 

products possible for all advertising opportunities and mediums. Quite simply, 

we produce products that promote!Admatch Regal is a custom branding and paper-products promotional company serving industries that include restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, music venues, casinos, retail stores, sports teams, and film/TV events, among many


We are a supplier member of ASI, SAGE, Promo Marketing, and Distributor Central where

a full database of distributors can be found as well as our digital catalog.



Overseas Match Clubs


British Matchbox Label & Booklet Society



Love India, Collect Indian Safety Matches.

USA & Canada

Also I'm a club member of the Casino Matchcover Club in the USA and if you would like to join just send me an email and I will give you the details.

Rathkamp Matchcover Society (USA)

Liberty Bell Matchcover Club on Facebook 

Lone Star Matchcover Club

Sierra-Diablo Matchcover Club

International Match Safe Association



A Collector from Denmark - The website for collectors of matchboxes,

Some more of my favourite sites 

The Swedish Match

Swedish Match has a strong position in a number of markets for matches. The brands are mainly local and very strong in each country like the Redheads here in Australia.

Originally the logo for Redheads red tipped safety matches, Miss Redhead today is an Australian cultural icon and the subject of hundreds of caricatures and makeovers in annual contests sponsored by Redheads. 

The Matchcover Vault (USA) - Owned By Mike Prero

In any hobby, knowledge leads to both skill and enjoyment.

This site has been created and is maintained to enhance those facets of the matchcover collector's life.


Collectors Weekly 

Matchbooks have been around since 1892, when Joshua Pusey patented the idea of paper matches, whose tips were dipped in a solution of sulphur and phosphorus and then stapled to a piece of cardboard. The Diamond Match Company promptly purchased Pusey’s patent (he remained Diamond’s attorney for the rest of his life), and in 1894, a company salesman named Henry Traute got his first order for 10 million matchbooks bearing ads for Pabst beer on their covers.  



Now some of my favourite Match Categories that I like to collect

I have many favourites that I like to collect and here are just some.......

Hogs Breath Cafe

Route 66 (USA)           

Planet Hollywood

Hard Rock Cafe.


Me at the HRC in Beijing back in 2010


 I also like Matchbooks/Matchboxes  with Marilyn Monroe on them.



 Matchbooks from No.9 Fishermen's  Grotto in San Francisco Restaurant.


 Big Things (Aust) 

 These are Big Things all around Australia like  The Big Pineapple in QLD and The Big Merino   at Goulburn in NSW.


 My favourite radio station 1053 2ca  here in Canberra

  Hogs Breath Cafe (Aust)  


 See my Flipboard Mag on Collecting Matchbooks here at: 


My email address is: 

My mobile number is (SMS) 0421 325 611


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